Need help with your written document? Maybe you want some assistance with writing a speech, a proposal or enhancing a job application? If you have the ideas, but struggle to get them into a written format, you may find a few resources here that will improve your writing. Or maybe it’s time to rent a writer…

After 16 years in the public service, including never-ending restructures, rebranding and changes to recruitment systems, I’ve developed skills in creating all kinds of documentation. These include creating itineraries, crafting copy for advertising, developing event proposals, award submissions, speech writing, risk assessments, writing for the web, developing promotional material and assisting with job applications, just to name a few.

Speech Writing

Ever since I was a kid on the school debating team, I’ve been speaking in front of audiences. I’ve spoken at conferences, festivals, family reunions, corporate gigs and delivered countless talks to visiting VIPs and international delegations. To me, a little humour goes a long way at nearly all speaking engagements, but it does need to be appropriate to the gig. Your speech will be enhanced if you thoroughly understand what you are talking about, but only share at a level that matches your audience needs.

A good speech requires quality content that is well-sequenced and easy to read. It is in keeping with the tone of the event and the intended audience. A well-crafted speech is the foundation to sharing your messages clearly and with confidence. We’ve all suffered those monotonous speeches, written in formal tones, crammed full of jargon and impressive facts that only serve to bore the audience senseless. If you know what it is you want to say but struggle with the wording, I may be able to help you find just the right words. Come back and check this website again, and I’ll post my thoughts on how to craft and deliver a good speech.