Customised Poetry for Special Events

Sandy HolmesA skill I’ve been acknowledged for is the capacity to write poems for special occasions; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, farewells and even funerals. A personalised poem written for someone special will last far longer than an expensive florist bouquet. It was one of my favourite old bosses who pointed out that he would have much preferred to spend $80 on a poem that would last forever, as opposed to $80 worth of flowers. (Ok, so that comment ended up costing him $120, when one his fave bosses since finished up at work, and he commissioned a poem to captured nearly 30 years of experience; even so, it was a bargain, if I do say so myself.)

Personalised tributes in verse

Not a writer? Just email me some details about the person or occasion you’d like the poem written for. We can correspond by email or I’ll give you a call to craft the perfect poem for your occasion. Copyright remains with me as the creator, but you will have full rights to republish and use the poem in anyway you see fit in perpetuity.

If you’d like to write a tribute poem but ‘it won’t be any good’, I can help. If you write ‘the bare bones’ then I can polish your rhyme and metre for you. Send me your ‘rough draft’ and ideas for further content, and I’ll redraft it into a finished product. In this instance we may share copyright of the work, depending on the degree of shared input.

If you need a poem for a funeral, ‘Remember me Smiling’ is a piece that you are welcome to adapt, plagiarise, rework into something that fits your needs. Of course, I am happy to write something specific for a funeral or wake with sensitivity to your circumstances.

Samples of personalised tribute verses