Performance Anxiety

It went much better in rehearsal; No really, much better I swear!
I was confident, articulate, did comically gesticulate when none of you people were there

It all flowed so smoothly, like satin the words did move sweetly and dance off my tongue
Now flustered with stage fright I can’t get a phrase right and stand here before you struck dumb

It went much better in rehearsal; No really, much, much better then
I stood at the mirror and spoke with out stumbling and got all the way to the end

I’d practised, perfected performing my poems lovingly learnt all the lines
Recited, remembered ridiculous tomes of original rhythms and rhymes

The words I had crafted with colour and care, the verbs that were sparkling and glistening
They’ve vanished, deserted me, flown in the air now that I have an audience listening

I was savvy and sharp when I spoke to the mirror, now I stammer and stumble and stutter
Stupidly standing here suffering and stalling and scarcely a stanza can mutter

Some notoriety! All of society says “Being small has its limits!”
Performance anxiety: Maybe I’m too small to please you in just a few minutes?

I should have known better than try to be clever but hoped to be fancy and florid
and vandalise vacuous verses verbosely but now that I’m up here it’s horrid

It’s started a couple of hours ago; the sheer anticipation
and now that I’m on stage I’m suffering grim manifestation

There’s fluttering in my pounding heart, a nervous tic in my eye
My tummy’s talking turbulence and ugh, my mouth is dry

My palms are all sweaty, my brain is confetti
My tongue is entangled in words of spaghetti

My face is on fire, my heart’s palpitating
My head is a vacuum, my mouth’s disengaging

I’m angst ridden, anxious, the lights are too bright
so I end it mid sentence and exit stage fright