Comic Sonnet

Is it wrong to write a comic sonnet?
Invert iambic stresses into trochee?
Substitute the serious for silliness?
Mix metric feet, both feminine and blokey?
Is it wrong to torment English language?
To break the rules as fast as we can learn them?
To mold the forms of poetry in anguish
To read the rules, then sacrifice and burn ’em
Pyrrhic substitution can be humdrum
Enjambment can become an irritat-
ingly overused and cumbersome device, some-
how abuse of these techniques can validate
me. I choose to use a cheesy word like bonnet
To force a final end rhyme on my sonnet
Is it just atrocious to keep going?
The sonnet form best stops at fourteen lines
Line seventeen? Perhaps you are unknowing
This is perpetrating literary crimes!
Or meet The Rules and take the time to know them
Then choose when to obey or to neglect
But remember that a syllable cares little
And your audience just wants you to connect.