Remember Me Smiling

Ron Currey

If you saw him in those last weeks
So old and frail and grey
I beg when you remember him,
Don’t think of him that way.

Think of laughter, smiles and beers
Barbecues you shared
His playful sense of humour
and opinions freely aired

His stubborn streak, his downright cheek
His appetite for travel
And his super-strength resilience
When life would ‘hit the gravel’

Remember workshops spick and span
Each nail in its own jar
Immaculate lawn edging
That was verging on bizarre

Times shared with grey nomads
On the dusty western trail
So precious in the memories
and stories he’d regale

He loved that trusty four-wheel drive,
His caravans and boats
Yet no doubt he loved
His many friends and family the most

Remember times he helped you out,
He’d always lend a hand,
A boundless generosity
‘til he broke his prostate gland

So, remember Ron in happy days
Perhaps still shed a tear
But do remember him with love,
with laughter and good cheer

Hooroo Cobber, Love you mate