Remember Me Smiling

Ron Currey

If you saw him in those last weeks
So old and frail and grey
I beg when you remember him,
Don’t think of him that way.

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Festival Star

Bob Kemnitz with Sandy Holmes

Our mate, ‘Sir’ Bob Kemnitz, he’s one who gives his best to all,
A king of our community, and star at every festival,

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PACT With Memories

Group of PACT alumni walking outside Corn Exchange building

“Pat, pat, are we all met? Here’s a marvelous merry place for our rehearsal,”
But the times have changed; we are guests at this stage, reunited since long time dispersal

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Just quietly, Chief …

Just quietly Chief, you got a minute? Just between you and me
In the world of Can do – Will do OSCU, what’s in the policy?

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My Dad is a Bastard…………….

Old black and white photo of man with horse and cart

My Dad is a bastard, though nowadays we do get on well
I say he’s a cranky old fart, he says I’m the daughter from hell

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The Battle of Blue Gum (in a Nutshell)

No lives are lost in the tale I tell, no bloodshed, guts or glory
No heroic deeds occur in the ‘Battle for Blue Gum’ story

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