Festival Star

Bob Kemnitz with Sandy Holmes

Our mate, ‘Sir’ Bob Kemnitz, he’s one who gives his best to all,
A king of our community, and star at every festival,

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OH&S Gone Mad (aka The New Act or The National Prophecy)

Old bush poet on stage

OH&S gone mad they say? What lies and exaggerations!
Though it’s true that the festival has had to make a few trifling modifications

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Morrissed a been dreaming

Morris Dancers

The Festival experience that folkies love so well
Like listening to the poets and the dodgy yarns we tell

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The Outback MC

Yeah, Gidday
I’m yer MC an’ I won’ keep yez long
Yeah, I’ll bet yez er excited cuzza band ‘er comin’ on

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The Australian Bush Poetry Mafia (the expurgated version)

“You’re next on the list, but we seem to have missed you, come back in the morning, ok”
“Love, you’re not on the list, don’t know how you were missed but the line-up is full for today”

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Clancy of the Internet

I had written him an email hoping he was still on Gmail,
‘bout a website he’d uploaded but I hadn’t found it yet

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