PACT With Memories

Group of PACT alumni walking outside Corn Exchange building

“Pat, pat, are we all met? Here’s a marvelous merry place for our rehearsal,”
But the times have changed; we are guests at this stage, reunited since long time dispersal

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Ode to Spinach

Baby Spinach

I love the humble spinach, and its cousin Silver beet
So here describe the ways I find it fabulous to eat

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A Toast

I hereby give thanks to the halfwits and morons
that cause me such great irritation

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Mindful Meditation

Sandy Holmes standing in meditative pose

I am practicing the discipline of mindful meditation
Cleanse and protect, relax and reflect….

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The Critical Few

Is that a new dress dear? It shows off your figure
Perhaps you should rethink the diet

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With All Due Respect

‘With all Due Respect’ is a delicate phrase
Yet the meaning is brutally tough
It inevitably prefaces words that will evi

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Conversations of the Weather
Scorned as idle chitter chatter
‘Gosh, it’s hot’
‘It rained a lot’

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