Sandy HolmesSandy Holmes does wordy poems

Mostly funny, metric timing

Sometimes naughty, always rhyming

Sandy suffers from a bad case of poetic licence. She clearly
 hungers for excessive alliteration, dubious double entendre, ridiculous rhymes and occasionally questionable content.

Sandy’s quirky works dance across a range of ridiculous and sometimes serious topics. Sandy writes and recites relentless wordy verses inspired by her observations of Australian life. Her poetry explores the apparently universal themes in topics as diverse as Morris Dancing, performance anxiety, fishing, OH&S, birth, sex, social etiquette and of course poetry. As she ‘vandalises vacuous verses verbosely’ her poetry is filled with irritating reiterations of alliteration and at times, entirely inappropriate interpretations of human interactions.

Some of this poetry is not suitable for children, or those with delicate sensitivities and/or a restricted sense of humour.