There are hundreds of good sauces on the supermarket shelves these days, but it’s just so satisfying to make a delicious batch of your own satay or turn a box of ripe tomatoes into Hot Ugly Sauce. I like knowing what’s in there too (no numbers) and being able to make my hommus with homegrown lemons and garlic.

The satay sauce is high in fat and salt, but it’s really good; I’m frequently asked for this recipe, (or in my brother’s case, simply asked for a few more jars of it, and he’s no vegetarian).

As for making your own Balinese spice pastes, the only thing better is to visit the Bali Spice Magic Restaurant in Wollongong yourself.

Raspberry Syrup

Raspberry Coulis if you want to sound glamorous. I use frozen raspberries; if I have fresh raspberries I’d rather use them whole with whatever is being served for dessert.

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Lazy Dipping Sauce

Zero skills or effort required.

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Baked Pesto Ricotta

Ridiculously simple to make and unbelievably good to eat. Baked pesto ricotta is a sensational party dip and works well in pasta bakes, on pizza or in gourmet toasties.

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If you have a decent stick blender, hommus is incredibly quick, cheap and easy to make at home. It’s so simple to adjust the ingredients to suit your palate. Just add a bit of extra garlic and lemon juice for more zing, or add…

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Paupers’ Pesto

Delicious on good bread, or as a dip, or tossed through hot pasta.  

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Hot Ugly Sauce

This sauce turns beans and rice into a foodie meal, and is a taste sensation on burgers or nachos. It also makes a superb pizza sauce, is good with quiche and especially yummy on Spinach Pie.

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Exquisite Satay Sauce

Turn steamed vegies and rice into gourmet food. This sauce is also fabulous on vegie burgers, with fried tofu, noodles or roasted vegies. A word of warning; it is an excess of salt, sugar and fat that helps to make this satay so addictive!

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Cheese Sauce

This sauce turns pasta into gourmet tucker and is the secret to cheesy quesadillas. Cheese sauce (béchamel/white sauce with cheese in it) really isn’t difficult if you observe three golden rules.

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