Minimal Impact Bushwalking

Tread Lightly

Reducing our impacts on the Blue Mountains bushland is vital for the benefit of our own and future generations. Many native species rely on our pristine waterways and diverse ecosystems to survive.
While you are enjoying all the Blue Mountains landscape has to offer, please try to minimise your impact on local habitats. This includes not picking flowers, removing rocks or otherwise disturbing the natural environments, nor contaminating creeks.
There are rarely toilet facilities at bush car parks so always “go before you go”. If you need to pee in the bush, try to go 50 – 100m away from waterways.  If, despite your best planning, you really do need to poop, dig a hole about 15cm deep, do the deed and bury it. A lightweight trowel costs about five dollars and is an essential piece of equipment for any extended walks.
Also be sure to carry out everything you brought in with you, including food scraps. Rubbish poses a significant threat to native animals and your efforts will make a difference. You can find out more about Minimal Impact Bushwalking at Bushwalking NSW