Photo: Peter Adams

Sandy Holmes does wordy poems.
Mostly funny, metric timing,
sometimes naughty, always rhyming.

Hi there,

I’m so pleased you have found your way to my website. Maybe you’ve come in search of a particular poem you’ve heard me recite at The National Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Kangaroo Valley or Poetry Under the Stars? Perhaps you’re a local volunteer at (Garguree) Swamp Care and you really want the recipe for our Swampcare Soup, Belgian Lemon Teacake or some other tasty morsel we share at The Gully in Katoomba each month?

Whether you’re looking for a yummy vegetarian recipe, a poem to recite, help with wordsmithing for that special occasion, or even if you’ve simply clicked on a ‘wrong’ link, I’m sure you’ll find something here at Sandy Ink for you.

As the website grows, you’ll see more vegetarian recipes, Blue Mountains’ content, links to other poets and writers, as well as further scribblings on the many and varied interests of Sandy Holmes.
Oh, and you’ll also find some fabulous photographs thanks to Stephen Alton, Peter Adams and other talented local shutter-bugs.